Rehabilitated Dishware by Sarah Cihat is an exercise in sustainability that reincarnates existing products. Used or unwanted ceramics are redesigned and resurfaced then presented as new collections. Interesting designs and modern colors enliven the dish, extending its life cycle past the thrift store of overstock pile. Each piece represents a rejection of more brand new products filling shelves and storage closets. Rehabilitated Dishware is a subtle statement of the importance of recycling and the renewed value of unwanted things.

The process begins by buying disware from various second-hand stores, such as Goodwill and Salvation Army, or rummaging through the reject pile at retail stores. The dishes are then reglazed and refired.




After Rehabilitation




After Rehabilitation

1horse 81fly
47n_gale 70lady
37blossom 61paisley
26antelope 12anchor
86jellyfish 52finch
4jollyroger2 77panther
42skull 66rose
32cuttle 57chippendale
18baboon 91chair
3jollyroger 82wasp
48n_gale 72fleur
38blossom 62paisley
27runhorse 13astro
87feather 53flamingo
7frenchie1 78panther
43newhorse 67gallows
34dandy 58chippendale
20stiks 92chair
5elk 83diamond
49charm 73doe
39swallow 63gaslight
28runhorse 14astro
88feather 54flamingo
10abe2 79moth
44newhorse 68gallows
35swallow 59horsehead
23rocker 8frenchie
84diamond 50charm
74doe 40swallow
64scissors 29owl
15moose 89hawk
6elk2 80moth
45cassette 69lady
36swallow 60horsehead
24rocker 11anchor
85seahorse 51finch
75spider 41skull
65rose 31cuttle
56heart 17baboon
90hawk 55heart


Dishes typically available ...

Large platter: oval 12" length

Medium platter: oval 10-12" length

Small platter: oval 8-10" length

Dinner plate: round 10-11" diameter

Luncheon plate: round 8-10" diameter

Salad plate: round 7-8" diameter

Bowl: varies widely

Side bowl: 3-4" diameter



Dinner plates typically retail for $60 each - All other pieces are priced accordingly

Colors:  black, white, grey, tearose, orange, pink, coral, sun yellow, lime, grass, army green, light blue, turquoise, plum, chartreuse, navy, brown, rose, azure, blue, bold yellow, bright red

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Dirt is comprised of my work in porcelain.

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  • Wolfdogwood
  • Wolfpair
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  • Facetdecor
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  • Blkdogwood
  • Whtdogwooddip
  • Blkdogwooddip
  • Pnkdogwood
  • Decayspheres


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Taken is a collaboration between myself and Michael Miller. We work with very different materials, she with metals and myself with ceramics. After years of talking and dreaming about projects together, we finally got around to doing it. With Taken, we combine two materials that bring attention to the different elements of each woman's craft and how they naturally complement each other.

  • Bowl2
  • 2gaslight
  • Gaslight
  • Blkchainbowl
  • Lamp2detail
  • Crystalchain
  • Limbpendant
  • Bowl3
  • Pendantweb

After a sold out limited edition of 150 candles, I have continued my work with Joya. Perfume in Porcelain is a series of scented candles and fragrance diffuser sets, co-designed with Frederick Bouchardy.

Next is Fvs.S, a line of beauty products that will include perfumes, creams, and soaps. Our current collection is available at Barneys New York, Selfridges London, and select apothecaries, boutiques, resorts, and department stores worldwide.

  • Joya150
  • Acorntree2
  • Joyapip
  • Joya_sarahcihat72
  • Fullblack
  • Joya_fvss_3white_07
  • Musicgate2



Designer Sarah Cihat is best known for her Rehabilitated Dishware collection, introduced at the ICFF in 2003 and produced by hand in Brooklyn to this day. Cihat describes the distinctive offerings as "an exercise in sustainability that reincarnates existing products." Since then, she has expanded her portfolio. Dirt encompasses her slip cast porcelain pieces that feature relief, underglazing, and decals.

She co-designs Perfume in Porcelain, a series of scented candles and fragrance diffuser sets, with Frederick Bouchardy of New York-based luxe home fragrance studio, Joya.

Cihat also maintains a continued collaboration with metalsmith, Michael Miller, entitled Taken.

Cihat's work has been featured in numerous publications, including Vogue, Elle, The New York Times, Surface, Wallpaper, Food & Wind, NYLON, O at Home, and Metropolitan Home, and in exhibitions at the St. Etienne International Design Biennial, Salone di Mobile, and Fragiles Exhibit and Book in Miami, Berlin and Dubai.


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